TopFit accelerates you beyond mere physical fitness, towards happiness and positive change!

Amberly Meinel’s journey to well-being began with struggle and heart-break, eventually leading to a miracle and the radiant health that she now experiences in all aspects of her life.

Born in 1969, Amberly struggled with harmful self-image issues which led to acute eating disorders from the age of 16 to 23. This took a severe toll on her health. She experienced alarming weight and hair loss from malnutrition. Her desire to become a mom became her saving grace, giving her the courage and strength she needed to shift her mindset about food and self-image. She began doing research about nutrition and regained her health to best nurture the baby she dreamed of. Heartbreak soon followed when she miscarried two pregnancies. It was discovered that she required weekly progesterone injections to help prevent a miscarriage. During her third pregnancy, now 26 years old, Amberly received her deepest heart desire twofold: she gave birth to healthy twin boys! After experiencing three more heartbreaking miscarriages, she underwent a partial hysterectomy in 2008, to restore her quality of life. Her surgeon thought Amberly’s twin boys were adopted, stating that it was medically impossible for her unusually formed uterus to carry any baby, never mind two – and called her sons a miracle.

By 2010 her hormone levels were in absolute chaos and she felt exhausted all the time, suffered from “foggy brain” and kept gaining weight. She was unable to attain her ideal weight, even with a personal trainer. In 2011 Amberly adjusted her diet, excluding gluten to alleviate arthritic issues that also impaired her daily function. She was then referred to a hormonal specialist in 2012 and began taking prescribed bio-identical hormones to restore harmony in her body. This enabled her to not only attain clarity of mind again, but also her ideal weight and muscle definition, losing a total of 30 lbs. Amberly is now beaming with radiant health and her experience has inspired her to assist others on their own journey to achieve well-being. As a means to do so, she founded “TopFit Boutique, LLC: Transforming your Mind, Body and Life” in 2016. She incorporates a holistic approach to well-being.She currently lives in Anchorage with her husband Jim, and their four dogs. She loves quality time with her family including her two full-grown sons and friends. She also enjoys spending time at their home in California, traveling and fine wine.

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