Yes, YOU matter!

Each one of us exists in this world with a sacred, unique, powerful purpose – our reason for being here. Each purpose is different, and just by honouring who you are, and living from your heart-centered truth every day, you’re fulfilling your purpose.

By being your true self wholeheartedly, in all that you do, you affect this world in a highly positive way (without knowing it most of the time). Click HERE to read a short story that perfectly exemplifies this – a personal experience I had in Hawaii that I’ll never forget, it so surprised me!

In a world where self-gratifying systems and behaviors of control, domination, corruption, and conformism have taken over so much, it can take immense courage, dedication and strength, to stand up for who you are and your values, and live the life you feel called to by your sacred heart. However, each one of us who does, makes a difference for so many, including ourselves! It’s soul-fulfilling!

You’re an integral part of the divinely designed web of life here on Mother Earth, just as every other life form. Everything you do/don’t do, matters greatly to the rest of our world – even if you’re only aware of a mere fraction of the ripple effects that your beautiful true nature causes!

Excerpt by Lucille DancingWind, from


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