www.AthleticGreens.com The “Premium Superfood Cocktail” is part of my morning routine. It provides the full RDA of veggies & fruits, plus travels well!

www.BeyondDiet.com The recipes and nutritional coaching found here is invaluable. Every recipe I’ve tried has been delicious, nutritious and loved by all (myself, family and company)!

www.SacredEarthConnection.com Discover a wealth of gifts, resources and offers to continuously inspire and empower you and your life, beyond what you can imagine (including “Sacred Possibilities”, the book I couldn’t put down once I started reading it!).

www.YoungLiving.com Incomparable in quality, these amazing essential oils infuse my personal life as well as the TopFit boutique! I’m also a member of this company.

www.GrasslandBeef.com Great meats you can feel good about!


www.PrecorHomeFitness.com Great service and quality that TopFit and clients can count on.

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